Furniture Hardware & Fittings

OBEN has a diversified range of hardware and fitting for cabinet. We offers hardware and fitting items which are very reliable and durable, A kitchen have to be installed with the hardware that are durable and strong so that you can feel the safe surrounding while working in the kitchen. OBEN makes sure that only the tested and high quality hardware and fittings will supplied to the customer.

The bed lifter is very ideal and comes in two sizes these are very easy to use it has special lift-ups system which helps to lift the bed up to a certain position with very less effort..
  • Article No.:7011

    Minifix Set

  • Article No.:7022

    Minifix with PVC Coating Set

  • Article No.:703140

    Wooden Dowel 8x40

  • Article No.:70412 / 70513 / 70613 / 70714

    Connecting Screw 4x20 / 4x30 / 4x35 / 4x40

  • Article No.:7081

    Shelf Support Pin Acrylic

  • Article No.:7091


  • Article No.:7101

    Cabinet Wall Hanging Bracket with Cover Set

  • Article No.:7111 / 7122

    Push to Open System Damper Buffer Catch Magnet Thin Type / Heavy Type

  • Article No.:7131

    Soft Close Damper Buffer System

  • Article No.:714125 / 715130

    Aluminium Ventilation Grill Width 250mm / 300mm x Height 100mm

  • Article No.:1701190 / 17021150

    Bed LiftUp 900mm (60Kg) / 1.5 meter (125Kg)