Receiving Goods

Necessary steps to be taken care while receiving the goods on arrival at the delivery address the goods must be properly checked and inspected for any sign of damage to goods or goods packing and also that you have received all the goods that are listed on the invoice copy/ delivery note.

If goods or goods packing are found to have any sign of damage then it must be specified on the goods carrier’s POD copy before the driver leaves the delivery address and a copy retained by the receiver of goods. The goods carrier’s POD copy is the only acceptable proof that goods has been delivered to you without any loss or damage on goods.

In the event to file for a claim against any damage goods or short goods received to an order the goods carrier’s POD copy will be used as evidence to file for a claim. No claims for damage goods or short goods received will be accepted if the details of damage goods or short material received are not written on the goods carrier’s POD copy.

The goods dispatched from our warehouse will be in perfect condition and under no circumstances the goods will leave our warehouse with any sign of damage and if there is any sign of damage or shortfall in goods will have to be mentioned to the customer before the goods leaves our warehouse. Any damage or loss of goods will have occurred whilst in transit and be the fault of the goods carrier. We insure our goods in transit as long as the goods carrier’s POD copy is signed in the manner described above. Claims for carrier’s damage or shortfall must be made to us within 24 hours of receipt of goods via telephone and signed POD copy is to be shared on the email to us to process for the claim.

These simple instructions you should not ignore under any circumstances, the driver or goods carriers are not employed by us and any verbal instructions from them contrary to this should be disregarded.

This does not affect you statutory rights as a consumer.