Skirting Solutions

OBEN offer an skirting solutions for modular kitchens which is very convenient part of the kitchen, these are installed on the surface of the cabinet and has molded gasket strip which prevents the dust to go beneath the cabinet and keep the are under the carcass clean. These aluminum skirting are also very well designed it has brushed finish and also very durable and available in two heights.
  • Article No.:901110 / 901210 / 902115

    Aluminium Cladding PVC Skirting Height 100mm / 150mm, Length 12ft / 10ft

  • Article No.:903110 / 904115

    Aluminium Clading Skirting Corner 90 Degree 100mm / 150mm

  • Article No.:905110 / 906115

    Aluminium Clading Skirting Connector 180 Degree 100mm / 150mm